Cabal online slot extender drop

cabal online slot extender drop

Boss Drop : Osmium Weapon, Slotted Osmium Katana, EOF/G/S+6, Plasma Coating Kit, Slot Extender (Medium), Perfect core medium. Crafted this completely on a whim good thing it turned out good for me. I had some fun with the't. Chaos Arena Lv 1, ~Chaos Lamp Drops · Slot Extender (Low).gif · Slot Extender (Medium), Forgotten Temple (B1F). Volcanic Citadel. For information on how options in slot are affected by extending see: Weapons SIGMetal Forcium Armor SIGMetal Forcium. Result Weapon You can restore back to the Original appearance. OSM Weapon With No Slot, Lapis With No Slot, Formula Card 96 Rare Drop: Cabal Cabal 2 Korean Cabal 2 NA Cabal EU Cabal Global Service Cabal KR cabal online 2 Cabal PH Cabal SEA Event FAQ Guide Guides Patch notes patch notes Test Server Tools Uncategorized Webgame. To get the best possible item extend 2 slotted items with perfect craft. Labels AION Bladeandsoul Browsergame Cabalonline Conqueronline F2P Laghaim Lineage2 MUonline Newrelease P2P PCgame Releasegame RFonline Rift Sealonline Topgame Trantraonline Worldofwarcraft. Pic Name Level Class Health Points Attack Defense Fire Aqua Terra Wind Map Rook Snatcher 40 Pit Boss Fire: Switch to Hybrid Mode. Pages with broken file links Drops. Cabal Online 2 drop list almost similar, maybe just some item not drop again cause update Game. Powerless Core Quartz Core Forcium Quartz Core Blue Forcium Material Core Togo spielen Material Core Blue Forcium Disc Level 4 Shape Cartridge Level 4 Shining Yellow Powder. Upgrade Core High Force Core High Upgrade Core Highest Force Core Highest Essence Rune Defense Rate Essence Rune Resist Knock-back Essence Rune HP Absorb Mercenary Syarsor. Illusion Coral Disc Level 2 All types Shape Cartridge Level 2. On the picture you see originally one slot item extended. Upgrade Core High Force Core High Essence Rune Alz Bomb Chance Essence Rune Down Resist Essence Rune INT Mercenary Perzen Bhha. Alz, Dex Str Int Potion, ST Weapon With Slot Normal Drop: Cabal Online Astral Bikes - BoardsDrop. Posting Lebih Baru Posting Lama. Machinery Head Unknown Machine Part Common Metal Fragment Material Core Titanium Dark Disk Level 3 Holy Disk Level 3 Thunder Disk Level 3 Shape Cartridge Level 3. Gamepedia powered by Curse Facebook Twitter Youtube Contact Us ME: Critical Damage and Critical Rate. Cabal has an extensive Achievement system added during the 3rd awakening update. Facebook Twitter Google Pinterest Reddit Tumblr LinkedIn. Weapons Pherystin Titanium Aqua Shadowtitanium Armor Shadowtitanium Titanium.

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Cabal Dungeon Drops #1 Day cabal online slot extender drop Cabal Online Astral Bikes - Boards , Drop. Gamepedia powered by Curse Facebook Twitter Youtube Contact Us ME: Quick-Navigation Field Bosses Drop Drop Table EP9 Ability Runes Amity Recipes Achievement List HP Bonus Calculator EP13 — WEXP Exchange EXP Table BM3 Synergies Arcane Battle About. On the picture you see originally one slot item extended. Please register with us by clicking here.

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